Services Details

Sunday School @ Freedom Baptist Church

 Sunday School at FBC is a special time.  Our desire for everyone, young and old, is that they come to a clearer understanding of the truths of God’s Word that will impact their life for today.  The Bible is God’s Word revealing His story of redemption through His Son, Jesus Christ.  We realize that it is vitally important that people understand and know God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – as He has revealed himself in the Bible.  When we know Him, we can then better understand ourselves, our need for a Savior, and life as He has designed it to be.  God’s plan for us as Believers is that we will be saved and then become more like Jesus as we grow in our Christian life and that as a result we will reach out to others who need to be introduced to our Savior.  How exciting to realize that God knows each of us and is personally involved in each of our lives.

Morning Worship Service @ Freedom Baptist Church

During the Morning Worship Service at Freedom Baptist Church, we strive to be focused upon God and His Word. In a conservative atmosphere, there are three key components music, prayer, and the ministry of the Word. Because we believe that God has spoken through His Word and has revealed himself and his will in His Word, the expository preaching and teaching of the Word of God are a significant part. We hope that you will join us in worship this Sunday!

Sunday Evening Service @ Freedom Baptist Church

During the Sunday Evening Services at Freedom Baptist Church, we come together to continue to worship the Lord and fellowship around the ministry of the Word of God. The atmosphere of the evening service is primarily that of a Bible Study. Some Sundays we will have a Freedom Family Fellowship when we may come together in one location for a picnic, to watch an inspiring video, or even divide up into our smaller Deacon Care Groups in homes.  Some months we have a special day with dinner on the grounds and an afternoon service instead of the evening service.  Each gathering is intended to strengthen and encourage believers through the Word and the community of faith.