Who We Are

FBC Theme for the Year 2020


Jude 21-25


The Primary Mission of Freedom Baptist Church is to Bring Glory and Honor to its Head, Jesus Christ, through a Balanced Ministry of Worship, Preaching and Teaching of the Word, Edifying the Saints, Caring for the Needs of Others, and Fulfilling the Great Commission.

The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall not want …

Who will we impact for Christ in 2020?


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Online Service @ 11:00 AM on YouTube

Pastor Steinman is currently preaching through a series on Exodus. Learn how God was with His people, working on their behalf, and preparing a deliverer while everything was confusing and totally out their control. The current crisis makes us feel detached, alone, and frustrated, but rest assured our God is still on His throne and is working in our day and time as much as during the time of the Exodus!